There’s Gold In These Hills……

There’s gold in these hills……

Gold prospecting has many opportunities for the recreational gold prospector to the professional. It is fun for any individual or even the whole family. East Tennessee has many places to prospect including the Tellico River zone and Coker Creek zone, all of which is part of the Cherokee National Forest. There is no permit needed for panning only, but if you plan to use a sluice box or a dredge you must first receive a permit from the ranger stations in those areas.  There is currently no fee for a gold sluicing/dredging permit. You are free to use a gold pan in any state owned waters, but most of the gold is found along the Eastern mountain range bordering  North Carolina. Please note you cannot prospect for gold in the Smoky Mountains National Forest.gold_kit_sm

The best way to start prospecting is to use a pan. A good starter set includes a 13.5” pan, snifter bottle, shovel, classification screen and a 5 gallon bucket.  Panning is the most important thing to get good at. Well, that, and where to find gold. The two will go hand in hand. With these tools and a bit of knowledge you will be finding that golden nugget in no time. I found my supplies at Workshop Tools in Sevierville, Tennessee. They have everything you need to get started. When you’re ready to start prospecting, check out

I hope this entry has inspired you to want to start prospecting. Stay tuned for further updates on how to use a pan, snifter bottle & classification screen.

Benjamin T Harrison
Workshop Tools

Springtime Projects… for Necessity or Pleasure

Henry David Thoreau said
“Every man looks at his woodpile with a kind of affection.”
Springtime Projects from Workshop Tools
Since I was old enough to hold an axe I knew what he meant (though I didn’t know what he’d said until many years later).  Cutting wood was the one chore my parents could count on me getting out there and doing even if it wasn’t officially a chore.  I enjoyed exercising the physical ability needed to chop with an axe or maul and there was a direct result – split wood in a nice pile.  After that I could immediately go inside to the fireplace and build a fire with that wood I had just labored over – again, a direct result.  Thoreau specified a woodpile in his quote, but the idea can apply to any number of accomplishments. Now is a time when firewood delivery, carpenters, mechanics, landscapers, or any other service you might need are just a mouse click and phone call away.  Still, we find ourselves looking at something we own in need of fixing or upgrade and though we may know very little about the entirety of the project, we think to ourselves, “I can do that.”  A great feeling of accomplishment and pride can be found once the job is completed.  You walk away with new skills, knowledge, and confidence that can be used indefinitely in the future.  Not to mention the money that can be saved by doing the job right and the exactly the way you or (maybe more importantly) your significant other want it.

In the wake of one of the harshest winters the United States has seen in the last twenty years I think it’s safe to assume that most people are ready to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Whether for work or play, the outdoors are calling.  After such a grueling winter there’s plenty to be done around the house, in the yard or on the farm.  I know most everyone around the shop here has been compiling lists of projects they need to get done.  These to-do lists vary from outfitting the trailer with new lights and wiring, anchor points, and greased bearings to new stairs on the deck, improvements to outbuildings, and a plethora of projects in the workshop.  And having the right tools for whatever task you’re embarking on makes all the difference in the world.

The difficulty for many who choose to take matters into their own hands is to know which tools are the right ones and how to most effectively use them safely.  Workshop Tools strives to always have employees on staff that are knowledgeable in various areas of DIY to help our customers make the right decisions the first time.  From automotive maintenance to lawn and garden to woodworking and home remodeling/repairs, we carry the products and product knowledge to help customers get started on the right path.  Because we take pride in accomplishing our own projects, we take pride in helping you accomplish yours.

In the following months we’ll be addressing topics on our blog to assist readers with different projects.  We’ll have ideas and tips for:

  • Outfitting trailers
  • Lawn and garden upgrades
  • Clamping and gluing
  • Fastening techniques
  • “How-to” tutorials with various power tools

We will also be highlighting certain products we feel are a great value to professionals and novices alike.  Thank you for being here with us and supporting the store.  We’ll always do our best to provide quality tools and the best prices anywhere.

Will Swann
General Manager
Workshop Tools