Bihlerflex 16″ “The Perfect Bungee” Utility Suspender – US16CG


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The Perfect Bungee by BihlerFlex, US16BL 16” Utility Suspender, Camo Green. The 16” Utility Suspender is a great addition to the garage, home or for anyone who spends a lot of time out in the field. Ideal for organizing extension cords and ropes or suspending tools and other items right where they’re needed. Meant to replace conventional tie-wraps or Velcro wraps and quickly secure or suspend just about anything you can fit it around. The 16” Utility Suspender safely stretches up to 2-times its length to a full 32”. The Perfect Bungee products are recognized for their craftsmanship, ingenuity, design, simplicity and quality. Proudly made in the USA from FLEXAPURE; a proprietary “biothane” formula derived from organic polyurethanes combined to produce the hardest-working material out there. Covered by a limited lifetime guarantee, our products are perfect because they’re UV, chemical and fuel resistant, waterproof, all-weather and all-season. They won’t crack, break, split, dry-rot, or become brittle and can withstand exposure to saltwater, oil and most common household chemicals. Extreme temperatures won’t affect the stretch force of the bungee; it won’t over stretch in extreme heat or under stretch in extreme cold. Operating temperature from minus 20° F to 120° F. The Utility Suspender is available in: Black, Blue, Military Green, Safety Green, Safety Orange, Red and Yellow. “Good, Better…Bihlerflex”

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