Bring It On Cleaners Corner & Edge Brush – DBC1002


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Try our fabulous Bring It On Corner Drill Brush, perfect for discolored and stained tile and grout, deep cleaning, outdoor and indoor use. Attach the drill brush to any household drill, add product to the surface being cleaned and let the drill brush do the work for you!

This brush is made from polypropylene nylon that is guaranteed not to scratch. This is not a test product, this product has been tested by professional cleaning companies and is proven to be an effective and efficient method of cleaning

This purchase is for the Corner Drill Brush for all your flat and vertical surfaces along with all you corners and hard to reach areas. Try the brush on all the areas that you would use a toothbrush or scouring pad. Behind the sink, all drains, faucets and fixtures, all your corners and edges.
This Drill Brush is great for hard water stain, mold, mildew, soap scum, just about all the nasty build you can get in you bathroom and kitchen.
Get our different shaped brushes for different applications, Easy to use.

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