Shop Fox W1241S 8″ Helical Head Carbide Jointer

My purchase of the Shop Fox Model W1741S 8” helical head carbide jointer began with reviewing the multitude of jointer brands and models available. After much thought and analysis, I decided on the Shop Fox brand. I further refined my search to see where it could be purchased and was happy to find it was available via Amazon with free shipping. I thought, well I can’t beat that, but decided to check anyway to see if any local companies sold the Shop Fox brand. To my delight, Workshop tools, less than 5 miles from my house sold the brand. A quick phone call tw1741o them confirmed this but they didn’t have the model I wanted in stock, so I hopped in the truck and drove down there anyway to look at other Shop Fox products to check out their quality. I was fortunate enough to be able to talk with Will Swann, the general manager, and he said he could order me one and get me the same price as what was offered on Amazon. I always try to buy local when I can, so I told him he had a deal. Will was very knowledgeable and helpful and after talking for a bit we found that we had a common hobby, wood turning. So we exchanged knowledge and tips for a while and he placed my order for the jointer. The jointer was on back order from the supplier but Will kept me informed as to the status of the shipment. Finally, the day arrived and it was received at the local store. Will notified me and I went down with a buddy’s trailer and picked it up. The guys couldn’t have been more helpful in making sure it was loaded properly on the trailer. It arrived in two well packaged crates on pallets and weighs about 500 lbs. The instructions say to have 4 people to load the table onto the stand and I should have enlisted more help but my nephew and I were able to lift it up and put it on the stand but it was a real struggle. Will had told me that if I had any problems with it, to just let him know and he would take care of it. After getting it all set up, it ran flawlessly and the surface finish from the spiral head carbide cutters is superb. I have included a few pictures of the cherry I jointed to show the finish right off the jointer. I don’t even think I will need to sand it; it is that smooth. So, anytime you need some tools or supplies, don’t hesitate to go to Workshop Tools, as the name implies, that is their specialty, plenty of tools, supplies, friendly and knowledgeable staff, what more could you ask for.
Jeff M.

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