Frequently Asked Questions


Why must I call for a special price?
Due to fluctuating shipping costs and MAPP pricing, the prices vary, so contact us for our best price.

Your prices are very low, are your items authentic brand names?
Yes, all of our tools at Workshop Tools are authentic brand name tools. All of our tools come straight from the manufacturer. We do not sell any knock-off or replica tools.

The prices are low, but won’t shipping be too expensive on a large Shop Fox machine?
Shipping varies from customer to customer, in most cases we will drop ship your machine straight to you from the manufacturer’s warehouse to save on shipping costs.

Why do some items have a “Signature Confirmation Fee”?
For some of our more expensive items we require Signature Confirmation upon delivery to be sure that the correct person is receiving the package. This helps prevent fraud, theft, and also helps pinpoint “lost” packages. So for your benefit along with ours, we charge a $3.50 fee to cover the extra cost of Signature Confirmation Delivery.

When will my order ship out?
Orders usually ship out within 24 hours of placing the order, but no longer than 48 hrs unless notified.

I saw a product in your store, but can’t find it on the website?
Due to our inventory constantly changing, we do not put every item we carry on our website. If you are having a hard time finding an item you saw in our store, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you.

Where do I register my knife sharpener?
Check the brand of your knife sharpener; you are likely on the wrong site due to a slight spelling difference. We do not register knife sharpeners.

I see the brand of tool I’m looking for, but not the exact model I’m wanting.
Call us to see if we have it, as we do not put every single item on our website.

Do you ship international?
Yes. If the international option is unavailable to you, please contact us so we can get you a shipping rate for your order.

Do you sell reconditioned tools?
Yes we do! We sell many reconditioned tools, although, not all of our tools are reconditioned. Each reconditioned tool should be listed as such, so if there is no declaration that it is reconditioned, then it is a new tool. If you have a question or are looking for either a new model or reconditioned model, contact us as we sometimes have a new and reconditioned option to choose from.

What is a factory reconditioned tool?
A factory reconditioned tool is a new tool that was returned by a customer to the place of purchase. The tool has been used very little or not at all. These tools are sent to the manufacturer factory for inspection and any necessary repair to bring them to new tool factory specifications. They are subsequently sold as a reconditioned tool at a much lower price than MSRP.

Do reconditioned tools have a warranty?
Yes, they carry the same manufacturer warranty as a “new” tool.

Which flag pole section do I need?
Our bottom section is a straight piece with no tapered ends, the next section up has one tapered end with two holes to mount the cleat, the next section up has no holes and one tapered end, the top section also has no holes and one tapered end. If you are adding sections to increase the height of your flag pole we recommend adding the top sections to your assembly.

Still don’t have the answer to your question? Feel free to Contact Us