Upcycling Pallets for a DIY Bed Frame Under $100

It is such a fun time of year with planning for the holidays, large meals with the family followed by cozy naps from too much turkey and pie, and shopping for all of the special people in your life! It’s also the time when you look around your home and want to decorate, add twinkle light, and make changes to the decor to match the season while preparing for guests. Just remember there is no need for all of these projects to mean a lot of money spent (another thing to add a smile to your face during the season!). Projects can be cost efficient and lovely at the same time and as you will see with this project you can make a total change to your bedroom with less than $90 spent and we carry all of the tools to make it happen! 😉

Now, when I give the $90 spent mark it’s important to note that this was for my king-sized bed to receive a total makeover and that is a great gift to yourself as the holidays approach! This kind of project cost could allow all kinds of opportunities for the holidays.

Materials needed:

*Pallets – 4 for one layer or 8 if you want a second layer for more height
*Plywood – you can choose to purchase in solid larger sheet form or sometimes they come in pre-cut squares at your local hardware stores that will match the measurements you need
*Batting – optional in this project (explained below)
*Nice thick fabric

Tools needed: (All available on our website at great prices!)

*Staple gun
*Mini pry-bar staple remover
*Circular saw
*Electric Screwdriver
*Spray Paint Gun or Paint brush

I am so excited about this project! Details are included for a beautiful DIY headboard, platform bed concept from up-cycled pallets, and a bed skirt! Really a total overhaul of our master bed! Now remember we chose to redo our bedroom, but you could easily be redoing guest bedrooms with a festive holiday theme for upcoming visitors as well!!

For the bed frame you need four pallets to make the king-sized base or eight if you want a second layer to add more height. Be sure to secure the top stack of pallets to the bottom four pallets if you want that extra height to make sure that they are sturdy and in no way wobbly or dangerous. Just ensure your dimensions are the same or super close on all four pallets, especially the height!

Regarding the color of the pallets – we debated between staining the pallets or painting them white. White paint won because I really liked the bright color and we already had that at the house. 🙂 We just put the pallets outside and used an electric spray painter (love these!) and before you knew it two beautiful layers of white paint were on all four pallets. As soon as they were dry they were in the bedroom and set out to the dimensions of the box spring. We secured the pallets together with lag bolts and the base of bed is done! Cost…… FREE. (Often your local hardware stores or anywhere that receives large amounts of palletized shipments will just give these away if you ask. That is what I did.)

Box springs and mattresses were put in place and now we move on to the upholstered headboard! I decided I wanted an odd number of square upholstered boards set side by side as a floating headboard. I had seen various ideas and decided I loved the odd number of three large squares best. The size of each square needed to be between 24” – 26″ to extend the full width of the king-sized mattress. I found pre-cut boards already measuring 24×24 for $6.00.


I purchased a roll of foam (pictures below with dimensions) from Hobby Lobby along with my fabric. I used a 40% off coupon and the fabric was $47.00. The foam was $11 total.



I did not get batting after a talk with the lady in fabric. I chose nice thick fabric and I cut the foam to slightly overlap the boards for a more soft / less straight lined look so we felt batting was not needed. The roll of foam was 2 x 27 x 76 and I cut three pieces of foam to the measurement of 25×25 to overlap the 24×24 boards.


When cutting my fabric I allowed 6″ of length beyond the 25×25 measurement so that I had no issues getting a sufficient amount of fabric to staple to my board.


I folded my ends under and stapled in to that to give more support for the fabric under the staples.


It took me a few hours to upholster all three boards and then it was done!!!


I made a couple of pillows with the left over fabric from the headboard as you can see in pictures below. Also, I plan to find a few more throw pillows to set on the bed for added color. When you choose a neutral color for your base and headboard you can alternate throw pillows and totally change your color scheme with ease. Add Christmas throws for example! I plan to find some festive pillows for the holidays and sew some bells on them for fun!

I purchased hardware to attach my upholstered boards to my wall and screws with anchors in case I had to mount them to the wall in between studs in some places. The hardware total was about $6.00.



Total cost of new headboard $82.00!!!! I’m very happy with this project and the price! Also, this was my first upholstery project so it’s not a gorgeous picture from the back of the upholstered headboard pieces, but it is not awful for my first time either. 🙂 I hope this was helpful and inspires you to remake a space in your home as well!! Please continue to shop our website for more tools and project ideas!! Thanks and Happy Holidays!!

For more DIY projects for the home and family I would love to have you visit and post your thoughts at: mommamiamoments.blogspot.com

*Maria (Momma Mia) handles our A/P and A/R department here at Workshop Tools as well as multiple other crises that randomly occur throughout the operation.  She has been an exemplary employee for 10+ years and is a leading figure in the Workshop Tools family.  She was nice enough to document her project and give us a write up about it on her own time.  We appreciate her time and dedication with the highest affections.




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